What we develop

Tangible Results

  • The training methodology in CCI
  • The Entrepreneurship Manual for Youth in CCI
  • The Personalised Skills Wheel for e-learning in CCI
  • The Guide for youth educators/Mentors in CCI/Workers

Intangible Results

  • Raise the knowledge and skills of youth for employability and entrepreneurship.
  • Enhancement of ICT-enabled education and e-learning strategies in the CCI sector.
  • Qualitative training to underrepresented groups towards more inclusive and accessible educational opportunities.

Work Packages

Work Package 1: Project Management

Work Package 2: EPICURIOUS Skills Enhancement Framework
The WP2 aims to support CCI education, introduce target communities to a new sector, enhance the knowledge and expertise of consortium organisations and their staff, and contribute new methodologies to national strategies.

The specific objectives of WP2 include running a survey to validate youth needs and define themes for designing a training methodology in the CCI, creating a methodology for validating acquired knowledge, and delivering a hands-on guide for enhancing youth entrepreneurs in the CCI.

The main results of WP2 will include an EU report on youth interests, a training methodology and materials, an entrepreneurship skills manual, a knowledge validation methodology, and pilot activity results.

Activities in this work package will be as follows:
A1: Physical Meeting in Greece
A2: Youth Interests verification
A4: Definition and design of the training methodology
A5: Entrepreneurship Skills Manual
A6: Definition of knowledge validation
A7: 2nd Physical meeting-Netherlands
A8: Pilot activity
A9: Localised versions

Work Package 3: EPICURIOUS Personalised Wheel

The WP3 aims to create an e-learning tool called the EPICURIOUS Personalised Skills Wheel, which will provide free access to training and skills retention for youth in the Cultural and Creative Industries. The tool will profile the learner by identifying their needs and interests and providing appropriate learning strategies. The acquired knowledge will be validated with the use of Open Badges.

The main objectives of WP3 are to create a customised learning experience, support the digitalisation of education, provide a new tool to be used by consortium organisations, create a strong synergy of youth organisations/educators, and incorporate open educational resources and software.

The main results of this work package will be the EPICURIOUS Personalised Skills Wheel, a Guide for Youth Workers/Educators, Piloting Results, and Promotional Events and Resources. The EPICURIOUS Personalised Skills Wheel will provide an innovative way for distance learning in the Cultural and Creative Industries sector based on the needs and interests of the users. The Guide for Youth Workers/Educators will give instructions on exploiting the tool and the educational methodology to youth workers/educators/organizations or mentors working and teaching in CCI sectors. A pilot activity with the target audience will be performed to evaluate the tool, and specific promotional materials will be created for the events organised in the partner countries.

Activities in this work package will be as follows:
A1: Mapping needs
A2: Wheel Set up
A3: Development of the e-learning solution.
A4: Re-modelling of the training materials
A5: Open Badges Exercise
A6: Dry-runs
A7: A Guide
A8: Multilingual Platform
A9: 3RD Physical Meeting
A10: External Piloting
A11: Final Release
A12: Promotional Events Materials
A13- A19: Promotional Activities

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